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At Crux, we are committed to maintaining integrity and confidentiality for our clients, beginning at the very top with our Board of Directors. Under the direction of our Directors and the Crux Information Security Committee (ISC), we use leading cloud technologies and partner with trusted third-party firms who specialize in different aspects of security to provide enhanced security.

We understand that the security of supplier and consumer data is a critical factor that must be considered at every step in the process.

In addition to our security-focused engineering and operations, our application is routinely and vigorously tested by security industry experts, ensuring we provide the most secure platform possible to our clients.

Crux has a dedicated Information Security Department that oversees security practices and enforces standards. This department is made up of in-house and third-party security experts who are focused on conducting annual risk assessments and security exercises to identify, document, and address security risks across the company.


Crux has strict infrastructure and protocols in place to prevent customer and data supplier information from being viewed or accessed by any unauthorized individual or third-party.

To ensure confidentiality, the Crux platform provides a fine-grained, role-based, discretionary entitlement system.

Access Control
Crux enforces strict access controls to ensure that all data, including customer and supplier confidential information, is available as needed only to authorized users. Providing configurable access control allows our clients to fine-tune access and protect against internal unauthorized access to data while ensuring everyone has access to the data they need. The Crux entitlement system is also granular, enabling suppliers with ongoing sight of who is accessing their data.


The Crux platform has been designed to be highly available. Through the use of public cloud providers Crux is able to build auto-scaling microservices and deploy them in a distributed model across multiple regions. This design along with leveraging self-healing infrastructure solutions allows for recovery from all kinds of incidents with incredible speed.

Resilient Infrastructure
Crux has taken a multi-cloud and multi-region approach to leveraging cloud infrastructure providers for hosting our solutions and client data. This allows us to maintain a highly available platform for our users and leverage the power of a cloud environment to protect your data.


Neutrality is at the core of our business model and vision for Crux. We fundamentally believe that data practitioners should be free to access all the data they need whenever and wherever without limitations or conflicts. As our Founder & CEO, Philip Brittan, said, “to get real scale, we need to be completely un-conflicted.” As a result, Crux does not buy or sell data or take a revenue share from transactions between its data suppliers and data consumers. For our data supplier partners, neutrality is an essential component of ensuring fair and flexible distribution.