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ESG Driven Growth: Limitless ESG Data Sources & Use Cases

The exponential growth of ESG data, providers, and uses is limitless–learn how you can apply it to your industry and...

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Introducing the External Data Maturity Model



External forces are all around us…

Anyone who has attended business school, or even joined a singular session on...

4 min read

The True Cost of External Data Integration

A comprehensive guide to understanding the economics of external data Integration to more accurately calculate the true...

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Forrester Research Reveals Data Teams Spend 70% of Their Time on Prep & Plumbing of External Data

Just 30% of the time is spent on data analysis as the outcry for a solution grows louder.

Forrester has completed...

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External Data Integration Simplified: The Crux Data Pipeline

An additional resource for your data engineering team.

When you turn on the faucet in your house, you expect water to...

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ESG Data: Trend to Mainstream

ESG data will continue to influence the world around us and it’s important to know why–download the infographic and...

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The Future of External Data is Backlogs if We Don't Shift our Reality

Maintaining the status quo for data consumption supports stagnancy, not scale.

No one can really predict the future....

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Crux is Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace


The Crux platform solves the three biggest challenges of integrating external data for Google Cloud customers: rapid...

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External Data Integration is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Identifying the path forward is the first step towards external data integration, simplified.

External data...

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A Build vs. Buy Decision for External Data Solutions is a Balancing Act

Time, money, resources, and scalability can influence when, not if, your business needs to buy an external data...

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Crux Named a Leader in Identity & Enrichment in Snowflake’s Modern Marketing Data Stack Report

Marketing Analytics is a Strong Use Case for External Data Integration

On September 28, 2022, Snowflake released...

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Outsourcing External Data Operations: Three Common Misconceptions

Managed services can be a data engineer’s best friend. Here’s what they don’t know–but should–about utilizing these...

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The Four Vs of Big Data Need a Facelift


External data can no longer be left out when we talk about big data as a whole. 

Anyone who has had formal...

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Crux Leadership Attended Google Next ‘22 and Shares Their Predictions

2025 is two years away–what can we accomplish by then?

This year’s Google Next conference opened up this past Tuesday...

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The Importance of External Data in the New Normal

Consumption of external data is growing everywhere. However, the fragmented and diverse data supply is riddled with...

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Welcome to External Data Products Delivered Reliably

Take your workflows to the next level by automatically validating external data against battle-tested,...

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Remaining Objective & Methodical is the Key to a Successful ESG Integration

In a landscape full of variety and change, staying organized and on-target is the best way to benefit from ESG data...

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What is External Data University?

Here's what you need to know about External Data University. 

🎓 What is External Data University? 

External Data...

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10 Questions & Answers about ESG with MSCI’s Dania Koedih

A conversation with Dania Koedih, Executive Director, Head of Program Management for ESG solutions at MSCI.


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Tackling External Data Integration For a Competitive Advantage

Having multiple external data sources that are linked to each other and to strategic internal data, allows a related...

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Data Engineers are Not Vendor Managers

It’s time to shake up the status quo of external data vendor management.

Data engineers are not vendor managers. 


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Transitioning to a Centralized Data Solution is Undeniably Beneficial

Untangling the complex web of technology and data is hard, but not impossible.

Whether you’re a Spotify, Apple Music,...

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Bad Data’s Lasting Impact on your Analytics Runs Deeper than you Think

Data monitoring can’t be neglected–the net effect of erroneous data can be catastrophic for your business.