Extend your data team to onboard external data faster


Crux Forge

Crux Forge offers a suite of services to bridge the gap between data suppliers and enterprises and accelerate the time-to-analysis and the time-to-value of external data. 


Data Onboarding & Ingestion Solutions

Data-driven leaders trust Crux with the most complex external data challenges.
  • Access optimized Crux-managed pipelines to 50,000+ datasets from 265+ data suppliers
  • Onboard new datasets with AI-driven pattern detection and Crux’s own managed pipeline code
  • Accelerate and facilitate exploration of trial datasets.
Data onboarding and data ingestion.

Data Transformation Management

The Crux team is equipped to make external data research-ready.
  • Validate all datasets to reduce errors and inconsistencies
  • Engineer custom transformations and normalizations to meet specific needs
  • Proactively respond when data or schemas change unexpectedly
Data transformation management.
Mike Renwick
“We want to spend five minutes thinking about getting the data in and the rest of the time analyzing it.”
Michael Renwick
Head of Enterprise Data, Schroders

Enterprise-Scale Observability and Monitoring Services

The Crux platform and a host of proprietary tools power petabytes of data

  • Monitors every data connection 24x7 and creates alerts for data issues.
  • Stores data with data lineage in mind and includes critical delivery metadata with every dataset.
  • Maintains a robust, SOC 2-compliant security policy

Data observability and data monitoring.

Use Engineers to Build Critical features not more Pipelines

With more reliable data of higher quality, data teams can focus on adding value to their more critical functions, including more accurate forecasting, improving output accuracy, and accelerating time to actionable insights.

Expert data engineers.

Thousands Of External Sources

Solving the unique challenges of external data into cloud and more

Crux accelerates access to data across all types of environments, including private, public, and multi-cloud. We are proud to be partnered with leading cloud platforms. 

Databricks microsoft-azure-logo aws-trabsparent google-cloud-logo snowflake-logo

Your Crux Forge Team

Data engineer.
Data Engineer

Builds data pipelines, implements transformations, and codifies data quality rules.

Data Scientist.
Data Scientist

Builds and tunes models to assess the best strategies to process workflows

Data Engagement Manager
Engagement Manager

Leads oversees, and runs engagement efforts end to end.

Data Solution Architect.
Solution Architect

Works with your team and the Crux team to design and implement new solutions

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