Get ahead of supply chain disruption

Combine external data sources with internal data to proactively manage the unexpected supply chain issues that impact your business. 

You can integrate external data faster to manage your business better. 

The only normal in supply chains are disruptions. Whether on a global scale, such as Covid-19, or more micro-disruptions, such as a labor strike, a snowstorm, or supplier bankruptcy, you can better prepare your supply chain for disruptions by integrating data from external sources to provide real-time visibility and monitoring of your network to identify and act on disorders.

Crux helps you realize the value of your external data faster with our cloud-based data integration and operations platform to help you onboard more datasets more quickly to better prepare for the unexpected.

Integrating external data with internal data allows you to answer questions like: 

  • Are there potential issues with your sourcing partners? Before you place an order, would you like to know if there is a risk of a supplier going out of business or a shortage of raw materials?

  • Are ESG-related concerns being addressed by your partners?  Are there any issues about labor practices or neglect of environmental assets?

  • Are proactive steps being taken to avoid fulfillment capacity issues, such as weather events impacting your ability to move goods or labor strife impeding parts of the fulfillment network?

  • How to capture the pulse for potential demand or consumer sentiment to predict trends and behavior for your product?

  • What would changes in government regulations have on your supply chain at both local and national levels?

The possibilities are endless on how external data can provide visibility on issues you previously couldn't proactively mitigate.

Enterprises are using this data to drive competitive advantage. Are you?

Our platform solves the three most significant challenges of integrating external data.


Scalable Data Platform

The Crux platform was designed for the sole purpose of helping companies integrate large amounts of external data to help scale critical data delivery, preparation, and operations needs.


Quickly Access Pre-built Datasets

Our cloud infrastructure reliably supports the delivery of over 25,000 datasets and our 24/7 operations team continuously monitors each pipeline, ensuring data arrives to the destination of choice in the format and time needed.


External Data Expertise

External data could be more cohesive, structured, and standardized. Crux has perfected the ML and AI technology and processes required to integrate, curate, and transform external data. Our managed services allow companies to focus on running the business while we monitor and remediate the data for high-quality delivery.



Data pipelines and operations designed to ingest large amounts of external data

Crux is a cloud-based data integration and data operations platform that lets you unlock more value from external data faster.

CRUX - Automated Onboarding
Automated Onboarding

Leverage automatic schema detection, delivery schedule inference, and lifecycle management to build pipelines from any external data source quickly.

CRUX - Quality Monitoring
Quality Monitoring and Alerting

Track data quality metrics in flight to detect and respond to data drift and schema breaks.

CRUX - Data Curation
Data Curation and Entity Mapping

Enhance discoverability throughout your organization through a private catalog of linked and matched data products.

CRUX - Transformation
Transformations and Data Blending

Enrich, validate, and transform any dataset to quickly combine it with other data sources and accelerate analytics.

Over 300 data providers accessible via Crux



Get your data how and where you need it

The Crux platform offers flexible data distribution including easy integration with single or multi-cloud environments. Use Crux to tailor the delivery of your datasets to your specifications.

Cloud Platforms

Microsoft Azure
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Data Lake
or Warehouse
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Analytics Platforms
KX, SIG Tech, Alqami

On Demand

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Amazon Data Exchange, Snowflake Data Marketplace
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Ready to start accelerating your external data integration?