Combine and Transform Data

Enrich, validate, and transform data to quickly combine it with other data sources and accelerate time to analytics.

Analytics-ready data without the extra work

Organizations of all sizes are looking to ingest large amounts of external data to improve decision making across their businesses, but most are frustrated by the expensive and time consuming process of ingesting and operating large quantities of data pipelines. Ensuring that external data is formatted and prepared for internal use is essential for efficient analytics.

Crux’s cloud-native platform, automation and services enable users to accelerate this process by removing the burden associated with, integrating, validating, enriching, and transforming external datasets.

Need help combining and wrangling many datasets? Our team will develop dataset blueprints that include documentation, mapping, metadata, and curation.



Ensure data discoverability and usability by consistently collecting and tracking metadata across all your data pipelines.



Not all data arrives ready for analytics. Standardize, reshape, and align your data to achieve usability and consistency.

Crux combines data for a $550bn AUM asset manager

Crux supports the data engineering and operations team for a $550bn AUM asset manager. We created a single point of data ingestion and validation, ensuring external data meets the firm’s requirements prior to delivery.

Crux now manages materialized data deliveries to the firm’s cloud storage, as well as non-materialized data shares on Snowflake. This is made possible by applying wrangles to personalize the delivery of several very complex datasets.

Why Crux to combine and transform data?

Automated tools for validations and data transformations help our clients improve data quality.


Enable wrangling across thousands of datasets

Embedded capabilities transform your datasets in real-time.

hand time

Spend less time preparing, monitoring, and remediating data

Automation and infrastructure expertise that is fit for purpose.

central data icon

Improve visibility into your data supply chain

Notifications and support at every stage of your workflow.


Ensure data quality across all sources

Set custom validations to verify datasets meet expected formats and content.


Ready to start accelerating your external data integration?