Optimize data operations

Crux data engineering and operation teams ensure your data is delivered where and how you need it.

Let Crux do the heavy lifting

Every client data pipeline we manage is operated and supervised 24/7 by our data operations team — ensuring your data arrives as expected, and that issues with suppliers are remediated as they occur.

We save you time by keeping all data integrations and data pipelines secure and up to date, quickly notifying you of any changes to file formats or delivery methods, and developing any necessary updates to the implementation.

Looking to reduce reliance on internal resources that cannot scale quickly? Supplement your data integration operations with our world-class team.

Let Crux optimize your data operations with our industrial strength data pipeline platform.

Crux resources boost the agility of a leading quantitative asset manager with 24/7 support

By becoming an extension of a leading quantitative asset manager’s data engineering and operations team, Crux helped the organization leverage its data, receive more value from data initiatives, and be better prepared to respond to business stakeholders.

Crux deployed first-class resources, processes, and technology for the client, beginning with trialing services that allowed the firm to quickly pinpoint critical datasets before expanding to full production data pipelines.

Our 24/7 support and additional reserve capacity ensured the organization could leverage its data as needed for varying demands, all while having constant platform and pipeline availability. By outsourcing burdensome data engineering tasks to Crux, the client was able to focus on high-value activities. Yet, know the status of the project real-time through the Crux Platform. 

Why Crux to optimize data operations?

We optimize your operations so that you can focus on using the data. With Crux, you’ll see results like:


Breadth and options in choosing data resources

With data engineers and operations specialists globally, Crux provides full-scale solutions to augment your capabilities.


Agility and scalability with infrastructure and services

Designed and built to handle the most complex and large number of data pipelines across hundreds of organizations.


Reliability from our leading data integration platform

Proven and resilient infrastructure that is trusted by leading institutions worldwide.


Better line of business support

From support teams to customer success, Crux delivers an exceptional data integration experience.


Ready to start accelerating your external data integration?