Reduce costs and manage resources

Leverage Crux’s managed service made up of proprietary infrastructure, automated processes, and team of data experts to scale data ingestion without increasing operational expenses and improving the time it takes to get access to the data.

The way to efficiently scale data operations

For most organizations, scaling data operations means either growing your team or leveraging external tools to tackle individual pieces of the process, resulting in increased resource expense and operational oversight.

Crux offers a one-stop shop managed service for data operations, building custom pipelines and providing access to pre-built datasets from leading suppliers to accelerate onboarding of new data, 24/7 monitoring to quickly remediate. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Crux gives you access to economies of scale by leveraging pre-built integrations between 200+ suppliers and the delivery destinations and formats of your choice.

With best-in-class tools and services, you can address your onboarding, quality, and data operations needs at scale, while remaining secure — Crux is SOC2 compliant and has been vetted by dozens of companies, including Two Sigma.

Crux helps a global private equity firm decrease data operations costs while increasing capabilities

Tasked with enriching external data for a $250bn+ AUM global private equity firm, Crux developed a more scalable and automated data ingestion and normalization process to significantly reduce costs.

Leveraging the Crux platform and expert services, Crux helped reduce the firm’s reliance on legacy data systems and create a more agile environment.

The result? Faster onboarding of new business, accelerated revenue strategies, and reduced operational expenses.

Why Crux to reduce and manage costs?

We help businesses access economies of scale in their data operations.


Cloud native platform, ready-built tools and services

Crux was designed and built with future-proof architecture and infrastructure in mind.


Resources optimized for scale

Outsource your operations on a flexible basis to our world-class Data Engineering and DataOps teams.


Mitigate operating risk

Move from a variable to a fixed data operations cost structure to reduce risk and expenses.


Economies of scale with Crux

Crux ingests datasets once, on behalf of many clients, and maintains 25,000+ active data pipelines, significantly reducing costs for all stakeholders.



A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Economics of External Data Integration

The cost to integrate external data is underestimated by as much as 70%. And almost half of it is due to a lack of allocation of data operations and maintenance, which makes up at least 30% of the initial build costs per year.

Have you factored in the additional data engineers needed to handle new datasets in year 2 or 3?

Get these details and more in the report.

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