Accelerate onboarding of external data

Build data pipelines to any external source up to 10x faster with Crux.


Building pipelines shouldn’t be a roadblock to onboarding new data

Crux provides the infrastructure, tools, and team to build data pipelines up to 10x faster. We offer over 25,000 active data feeds enabling integrations between 265+ data sources (vendor and public), and the cloud platforms, analytics application, or format of your choice.  Crux offers 12 delivery methods, including mesh capabilities and integrations, across multiple destinations.

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How a $500 billion sovereign wealth fund used Crux to reduce operating costs and speed up trials

Through a multi-cloud implementation, Crux reduced operating costs for a $500bn+ sovereign wealth fund and allowed for faster trials and more data inclusion in the fund’s strategies.

By leveraging datasets already on the Crux platform, we were able to initiate delivery from supplier to client within minutes of license verification — saving the client months of build time. When the client requested datasets that were not already on the Crux platform, our world-class data engineering and operations team rapidly built new pipelines for them within a few weeks.

Why Crux to accelerate onboarding of external data?

We accelerate the onboarding of external data so you can focus on what matters most. With Crux, you’ll see results like:

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Faster access and insights from trials

A catalog of onboarded data sources to quickly trial datasets prior to purchase to ensure the data provides the insights you need.


Reduced onboarding timeframes

Leverage pre-built datasets, proven processes, scalable operation, and deep data experts team to handle hundreds of datasets a week.


Centralized data ingestion

Remove data silos with a single platform and team to help ingest and deliver to your target destinations.


Efficient cloud migration projects

With robust integrations and partnerships to the leading cloud platforms, Crux can fast-track any cloud migration project.


More time for value-added activities

Offloading the complexity of onboarding datasets keeps your data engineers focused on value-added initiatives, not the burdensome tasks.

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