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Find out why the heavy hitters are using the Crux external data automation platform to scale external data integration, transformation, and observability without increasing headcount.

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“We consume a large number of datasets from a wide range of sources through Crux, which simplifies our ingestion and operational burden dramatically, allowing us to focus our team on higher-value and more differentiated activities. Crux’s customer focus, service level, and data inventory, as well as the acceleration we see in dataset onboarding, is unmatched.”
Jeff Wecker
Chief Technology Officer, Two Sigma
Two Sigma
External Data


Solving the unique challenges of external data

Our cloud native data integration technology accelerates the ingestion, preparation, observability and ongoing delivery of any external dataset. The result is that we can ensure you get quality data in the right place, in the right format, when you need it.

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Industrial strength data pipelines and operations

Crux is a cloud-based data integration and operations platform that lets you unlock more value from external data faster.

CRUX - Automated Onboarding
Automated Onboarding

Leverage automatic schema detection, delivery schedule inference, and lifecycle management to build pipelines from any external data source quickly.

CRUX - Quality Monitoring
Quality Monitoring and Alerting

Track data quality metrics in flight to detect and respond to data drift and schema breaks.

CRUX - Data Curation
Data Curation and Entity Mapping

Enhance discoverability throughout your organization through a private catalog of linked and matched data products.

CRUX - Transformation
Transformations and Data Blending

Enrich, validate, and transform any dataset to quickly combine it with other data sources and accelerate analytics.


The Crux data platform delivers the business-critical data you need, how and where you need it

With pre-built integrations to hundreds of data sources and AI powered data discovery technology, the Crux platform is the fastest way to integrate new external data products.

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Over 265 external data integrations



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