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1 min read

Crux Collective: Volume 2

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2 min read

Welcome to External Data Products Delivered Reliably

Take your workflows to the next level by automatically validating external data against battle-tested, metadata-derived metrics, giving you more...

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1 min read

ESG Data: Trend to Mainstream

ESG data will continue to influence the world around us and it’s important to know why–download the infographic and read the article now.

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4 min read

The True Cost of External Data Integration

A comprehensive guide to understanding the economics of external data Integration to more accurately calculate the true costs of dataset integration

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6 min read

Tackling External Data Integration For a Competitive Advantage

Having multiple external data sources that are linked to each other and to strategic internal data, allows a related set of questions to be asked...

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3 min read

The Importance of External Data in the New Normal

Consumption of external (third-party) data is growing everywhere, however the fragmented and diverse data supply is riddled with unique challenges to...

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