Scalable data delivery to delight your customers

Helping your customers quickly access the new datasets they need with a solution engineered to accelerate and grow your business without disruption. 

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Get your data in the hands of those that need it. 

The customers are drowning in data from a wide variety of sources. They spend significant time and resources to write-up and ingest data in different formats and frequencies at scale. 



Accelerate data trials and onboarding

Over 25,000 pre-built pipelines make sampling and trialing new data easier than ever. Pick the dataset you need and in a matter of hours you are connected to data to begin a trial. And if you don't see the dataset on this list, a pipeline can be built to that data in a matter of weeks.


Streamline data delivery to your clients

Crux connects and manages the ongoing delivery of your data to your customers, quickly, smoothly and cost-effectively in the format needed to the destination of choice.

streamlline-data-delivery-to your-clients

Integrate with cloud and marketplaces

Fully integrated with various delivery methods. Data can be pushed directly into a customer’s data center or into their AWS, Snowflake, or Google data lake. This means that rather than waiting for months for a client to wire up to consume your data, they can be up and running in days or even just hours.


Expand operational support

24x7 Data Operations team monitors feeds, spot issues, collaborates on remediation, and act as a first line of customer support. Crux handles the wire-up and delivery of your data, runs comprehensive validation checks on every update, identifying delayed, missing, munged data, or unexpected schema changes.


Ensure security and neutrality

Full turn-key entitlement control, so you maintain a firm grasp on who you are delivering data to. View an operational dashboard on the health status of all your datasets as well as a compliance report so you can see which clients are accessing your data when.


Access a large network of data customers

Join the largest network of data practitioners and suppliers, creating multiple channels and opportunities to connect with data customers. We are not a marketplace nor do we collect any referral fees or commissions. We enable the flow of data at scale.

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