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ESG Data is a Necessity, Not a Commodity

ESG Data is a Necessity, Not a Commodity

ESG data will continue to influence the world around us and it’s important to know why–download the infographic and white paper now 

The usage of ESG data has seen exponential growth over the past few years. But it’s not just the usage that’s experiencing changes–the creation and collection of these datapoints is increasing every second, and society’s understanding and emphasis on environmental, social, and governance issues are skyrocketing with the increase of social media platforms that provide instant access to information. 


No matter where you look, these previously qualitative datapoints are cropping up more frequently, and in new quantitative formats. This kind of external data can be critical for making informed decisions for your business, whether you’re in retail, supply chain, or asset management. 


But it’s not enough for someone to just say this data is important. ESG is a hot topic right now, and the overuse of these buzzwords can muddle its true importance. Not only is it important to your consumers, but soon it’s predicted to have an impact on legislation, regulations, and employment. 


We’ve created an infographic to support the importance of ESG. These are just a sampling of the data out there supporting the criticality of incorporating external ESG data into your data infrastructure. 


(insert infographic) 


The infographic is available for free download here. 


If you’re ready to dive into the story of ESG data as a cornerstone of successful businesses, you can download our new ESG whitepaper here. 

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