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Welcome to External Data Products Delivered Reliably

Take your workflows to the next level by automatically validating external data against battle-tested, metadata-derived metrics, giving you more time to focus on what matters. 

Here at Crux, we have the privilege of working with some of the best data suppliers in the external data marketplace. Because of our position in the market, we’re primed to help customers intake this data and deliver it at the highest quality, regardless of its source. 

But, teams relying on an external data source do face one common challenge: data sources don’t always arrive as expected. Things happen to data feeds, and your data (even from the best sources) can sometimes arrive incomplete, with unexpected changes or additions, or in some other way misshapen. This forces data experts to spend their valuable time performing tedious activities like monitoring pipelines, creating and scheduling data sampling queries, building and testing anomaly detection algorithms, developing alerting mechanisms, and anything else that can ensure the quality of the data upon delivery.

And even then, all that plumbing doesn’t guarantee that your external third party data is going to be shaped the way you need it, and it’s often a case of fitting a square peg into a round hole. It isn’t scalable to continue this level of work for a mediocre solution, especially when the demand for external data is increasing. 

At Crux, we eat, sleep, and breathe external data, and we are always looking to address customer pain points at every step of the external data delivery and usage process. Ensuring the quality and reliability of each pipeline is no exception. That’s why we built Crux Verify. 

Crux Verify takes the core Crux Deliver service to the next level by offering customers a proven set of data quality checks based on battle-tested, metadata-derived metrics. 

Customers utilizing Verify can perform various data quality measurements and anomaly detections, without spending hours and hours of time preparing preparations for external data delivery. 

With Crux Verify, you can: 

  • Notify stakeholders when your data does not conform to supplier specifications
  • Identify anomalies utilizing a proprietary machine learning model 
  • Define custom data quality checks to evaluate proprietary business rules
  • Receive data quality calculations in a single, machine-readable format 

Using Crux Verify in tandem with other Crux products and offerings allows customers to monitor the flow of their data from external sources without spending hours a day doing so. 

When you no longer have to spend your valuable time sampling data, testing for anomalies, or building complex alert workflows, you can focus on what really matters–using that external data to make better business decisions. 

Ready to get started? Join our exclusive first look session and Q&A with the Crux Product Team on Tuesday, May 24 at 11 AM EDT. 

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