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Crux is Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace


The Crux platform solves the three biggest challenges of integrating external data for Google Cloud customers: rapid onboarding, personalized enhancements, and reliable delivery at scale. 

External data is the lifeblood of great decision-makers. External data provides critical layers of context that are otherwise unavailable. Without it, decision-makers are left to rely on internal data created in a microcosm, that may or may not reflect what’s going on in the rest of the community. 

That external data is used to feed AI and machine learning (ML) technologies to assist in that decision-making process, and technology is hungry for data. The more you feed those models, the better. More data leads to better models leads to better, well-informed critical business decisions. 

But accessing external data to feed your technology is easier said than done. External data is a unique challenge, as there is no standard or status quo for it. It can come in any format with any naming convention, and accessing it varies from supplier to supplier. This results in data scientists spending their time managing licenses and usage rights, completing time-consuming data sourcing and trialing, and completing data operations work. On average, they spend 80% of their time on data logistics and engineering, and a mere 20% on actual data science that generates business value. 

The Data Gauntlet: Traveling from Raw Data to Insights 

The current path for external data integration is a gauntlet, with each stop requiring its own technology and skillset to complete. A data scientist needs a data product that is discoverable, usable, reliable, accurate, relevant, timely, and fit for purpose.

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There are no great data products to get data scientists from raw data to insights quickly and efficiently–until now. Crux is that great data product, and it’s natively available on Google Cloud. 

Google Cloud + Crux: Reimagining the Gauntlet 

Google Cloud and Crux are at the intersection of where external data products become great. Google Cloud users who also utilize Crux create a stable edge between external data and cloud analytics–suddenly this critical connection is a solved problem. With Crux, external data access becomes so easy it feels like internal data. Google Cloud and Crux: 

  • Standardize external data ingestion into Analytics Hub. Leveraging Crux reduces variance across external data sources and accelerates the onboarding of new data sources into Analytics Hub. 
  • Support supplier critical mass. We accelerate the onboarding and standardization of public data sources into Analytics Hub. Our joint engagement has allowed us to onboard the top 80% of commercial external data suppliers in less than three years. 
  • Drive vertical solutions together. Both Google Cloud and Crux support typical data solutions for financial institutions and investment managers, but it doesn’t stop there. Our data services can support any vertical, from supply chain to insurance to retail. 
  • Dominate data domains. Analytics Hub, supported by Crux, is the de facto standard place to find specific types of data like spatial, ESG, market, financial, government, and more.

Utilizing Google Cloud and Crux together is a no-brainer, and transforms the data gauntlet into an easy path to walk. Data scientists can reverse their current state, and spend 20% of their time on data logistics and engineering, and 80% on data science–as it should be. 

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The evolution of data analytics work streams has led us to the cloud and now is the chance to level up by combing Google Cloud by integrating external data to support truly informed decision-making. Achieving true data agility means replacing ETL with the stable edges of a great data product, and moving towards a world where external data spans organizations and geographies. 

The best part? Your organization is already halfway there. As a current Google Cloud customer, adding Crux to your tech stack and leveling up your data scientists and critical business decisions is only a few clicks away. 

Start using Google Cloud and Crux together today. Visit our Google Cloud Marketplace page to learn more. 

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