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Crux Collective: Volume 2

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From the Desk of...

Hello Everyone, 

I'd like to announce that we've added Ivan Batanov to the Crux team as our new SVP of Engineering. 

Ivan will be focused on our engineering organization, and comes to us with an impressive track recording spanning 25+ years of major successes in infrastructure and application leadership at ServiceNow and Tealium. 

You can read our full press release for more information on Ivan's background and focus at Crux. 

Welcome to the team, Ivan! 

- Mark Etherington, CTO at Crux


In the News

  • SigTech released their Financial Data Impact Report 2022. Their biggest finding? Accessing external data MUST be easier for consumers. Read the full report here. 

  • Ensuring your organization is data-driven is critical for balancing actionable insights with available time to act. This article from Authority Magazine interviews our CEO Will Freiberg on effectively leveraging data for your organization. 

  • Data integration isn't just for your tech team. As ESG continues to remain a hot topic, other c-suite leaders, like CFOs, should consider how they can advance ESG within their company. This article from Gartner provides a deeper look.

Events & Resources

EventsCDO Panel

Our CTO Mark Etherington joined leading data executives Prosasty Chaudhuri (Silicon Valley Bank), Julia Bardmesser (Voya Financial), Deborah Lorenzen (State Street), Pawan Verma (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) to kick off FIMA US 2022 and discuss the future evolution of the CDO role. 

Catch our conversation with SIX; a 30-minute conversation on Modern Data Distribution and the Importance of Data Availability Across an Organization.  Access Here.


We have new product pages on the website! Check out our Deliver, Wrangle, and Verify product pages to understand how these tools help deliver external data to you. 

These new pages can be found under the Platform menu option on our site, www.cruxinformatics.com

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