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Crux Collective: Volume 1

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From the Desk of...

Recently, one of our customers was facing a challenge related to third-party data.

They shared an anecdote with us and asked if we could “just Crux it” to solve their problem. 

Having customers take your name from a noun to a verb is incredibly flattering, and we want to know--how do you Crux it?

In this issue, you’ll not only find updates on Crux, but also the latest on other trending topics in the world of external data to keep you up-to-date.

- Will Freiberg, CEO at Crux

 P.S. How can we help you just Crux it? Reply and let me know--I'll see every message.

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Please join Crux and SIX for a 30-minute conversation on Modern Data Distribution and the Importance of Data Availability Across an Organization. Join us for one of two sessions (June 28 & 29): RSVP

Our Data Sustainability Summit welcomed 500+ registrants for several sessions with industry experts. Miss it? Access the recordings now at no cost.  Watch them here

Our product team represented Crux at #DreCON2022 by speaking about how to manage your data quality when it's out of your control. Watch the recording here.


Most organizations underestimate the cost of building & maintaining data pipelines by 35-70%. Read the report or access an on-demand session to explore these costs and learn how to avoid them. 

76% of consumers say they won't support brands that don't care about the community, employees, and the environment. Explore the history of ESG and why it's on the rise in part one of this three-part series. Explore our ESG resources! 

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