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August Community Newsletter: How a Data Refinery Drives ROI









Building New  Partnerships: Hello from the CEO!



As the volume, velocity, and variety of data increase, firms face the challenge to find and use data without taking on its operational burdens. It’s a new-to-the-world problem—one that companies can only solve by building the right partnerships with each other.

Crux enables these partnerships. Our service helps data flow optimally between people.

Crux seamlessly connects people with the data sources they need. Our secure data pipelines validate and standardize data from any source, and deliver that data instantly to our growing network of clients. Connecting to Crux replaces the need for companies to build infrastructure to wrangle data. The right data, in the right formats, is already here, helping people move faster to insights.

Now our team is creating new connections and expanding the network of delightful data for our clients. We’ve built partnerships with three major market data suppliers, providing equity, pricing, fundamentals, fixed income, and corporate actions data. We’re also collaborating closely with leading suppliers of mortgage, risk, and geolocation data. These companies recognize the potential of a network to deliver data more rapidly and more valuably—with less burden placed on the individual.

Data is an infinitely abundant resource. It flows among us at unprecedented speed and brings the industry tremendous potential. Ultimately, the companies who unlock the true value of data will be those who find new and valuable ways to connect.


How a Data Refinery Drives ROI


Your firm needs a strong data strategy in order to generate ROI on the data you’re purchasing. By 2020, firms will spend more than $7 billion on alternative data sources, from geolocation data from mobile phones, to images from satellites and drones, to social media sentiment and news, according to a study by Opimas. Yet to translate data into competitive advantage, firms need to take the next step: finding an efficient way to integrate data, map data into optimal formats, and seamlessly distribute it to users.

Crux has built that next step for you. Our data refinery service extracts data from any source, cleans the data, applies standards to make the data easy to work with, and delivers the data instantly across your firm to the people who need it. The simplicity and ease of a data refinery removes the vast majority of data’s costs. Firms become free to create value from data, instead of wrestling with its quality and structure. A cloud model replaces the costs of big data warehouses and slow software systems, and frees up data for your teams to use more creatively, helping you make new discoveries.

We’re not surprised to learn that 60% of institutional investors plan to outsource data management over the next three years, according to State Street. With delightful data pipelines and deep data engineering talent, Crux is ready to refine your data and help you generate ROI.


  • Are you intellectually curious and looking to build the future of data infrastructure? Do you love solving complex problems and helping clients overcome data challenges? If so, let’s talk! The Crux team is growing and seeking highly skilled talent that believes data can be delightful. Check out our job postings here.


  • Are you a data supplier looking to reach more clients with your data? Our data supplier network is growing quickly! Crux has a diverse list of datasets ranging from stock quotes to corporate trends to transportation data and more. See our network and create your own profile.

Meet Us at these Upcoming Events

Insights from Industry Events



Citi’s Beyond the Basics Conference: May 22, Napa Valley, CA

Key Insight: Banks are shifting data to the cloud, applying streaming ETL tools, and integrating tech systems to help people collaborate. In 2018, CIOs understand that people need adaptable, personalized tech and will quickly move on if tools cannot deliver.



Eagle Alpha Alternative Data Showcase: May 31, Lowenstein Sandler, NYC

Key Insight:By Q4 2018 or Q1 2019, asset managers will embrace the benefits of alternative data. In 2017, more than 78% of U.S. hedge funds made alternative data part of their data strategy. Compare that figure to 52% in 2016. (Source: Quinlan and Associates.)



Fixed Income Leaders’ Summit: June 7, Westin Copley Place, Boston

Key Insight:To comply with the EU’s new MiFID II policy, fixed income traders need clarity into the lineage of their data. Fixed income leaders are seeking more efficient and transparent ways to source data, assess its quality, and use it for competitive advantage.




Battle of the Quants: June 20, Carnegie Hall, NYC

Key Insight:While demand for new, unstructured data sources is rising, traditional market data hasn’t lost its importance. Finding creative ways to combine market and alternative data can lead to more valuable discoveries.





BattleFin Discovery Day: June 20, The Intrepid, NYC

Key Insight: As more and more types of data become available and the data market becomes fragmented, firms across the industry are all trying to access data and get it into a useable form. “The next step for the industry” is a managed service for these common tasks, a “utility where everyone can share,” says our CEO Philip Brittan.



Goldman Sachs Hedge Fund Technology Seminar:
 June 21, Goldman Sachs, NYC

Key Insight:To implement data across your organization, start with a strong data strategy. Every hedge fund needs to plan how to integrate data from multiple sources into a single point, how to map data according to a consistent set of standards, and how to distribute data to relevant users. A sound data strategy makes your fund more efficient, improves alignment among teams, and can drive profitability as well.

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