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Crux Informatics Advances Data Engineering Services with New Data Quality Measures and Transformation Capabilities

Launch of Crux Data Protect and Crux Wrangle services expand users’ ability to ensure data quality across data pipelines and transform datasets to meet internal requirements

NEW YORK, NY // May 25, 2021 – Following significant market demand, Crux Informatics (“Crux”) today announced the launch of two services, Crux Data Protect and Crux Wrangle. Part of a broader strategy to grow data preparation capabilities on the Crux platform, these services comprehensively address specific customer pain points around data quality and transformations. These services expand Crux’s capabilities beyond data delivery and operations, bringing its users a managed service to tackle advanced data engineering challenges.

“Today, we move one step closer to empowering clients with analytics-ready data that meets their specific use cases,” said Will Freiberg, CEO of Crux. “Crux Data Protect and Crux Wrangle both provide advanced solutions to key pain points customers have asked us to address. Our team has spent countless hours building and perfecting these services, and I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved. Both reflect our commitment to building an ecosystem of solutions that scale redundant data preparation tasks.”

Crux Data Protect allows users to monitor data quality and anomalies across all datasets on the Crux Platform. With Data Protect, Crux users can now create validations and define thresholds that meet their data needs across a variety of different categories including freshness, completeness, accuracy, formats and distributions. The data quality calculations for all datasets are then delivered in a single, machine readable format via Crux Query or any Crux Deliver destination.

Crux Wrangle allows users to transform data pipelines so data is presented exactly how they want it. Building on Crux’s experience with validating and standardizing thousands of datasets from hundreds of data suppliers, Wrangle provides clients with an automated way to do the grunt work of data management—all in a managed service with 24×7 operational oversight. Wrangle provides data transformation functions beyond Crux Deliver’s normal capabilities, allowing users to format, fill, filter, calculate, combine, and reshape data any way they choose. 

The combined result of these services is analytics-ready data that allows data professionals to focus on the actual data science instead of getting bogged down with data quality checks, normalization and transformation tasks. Crux Data Protect and Crux Wrangle are fully operational on any data pipeline delivered via Crux. To learn more about these services, please complete the form below, or contact us.

About Crux Informatics
Crux offers a managed data hub and data engineering services that help companies scale their critical data delivery, preparation, and operational needs. Our cloud-based technology stack accelerates the flow of data between data suppliers and consumers, ensuring you get the data you need, how you need it, and where you need it. We deliver over 14K datasets from hundreds of sources into your preferred destination at a low cost, with custom validations and transformations, and at a consistently high level of service and security. Crux was founded in 2017 by financial technology veterans and is backed by Citi, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Two Sigma, among others.

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Pablo Cerrilla
Head of Marketing and Growth, Crux Informatics

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