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100 Data Suppliers Sign-up to Deliver their Data Via Crux Informatics

2020 Highlights Include Increase in Data Volume Delivered on the Crux Platform, Launch of Crux Discover Application, and Expansion of Industry Footprint 

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 10, 2020 – Cloud-based data delivery and operations platform, Crux Informatics (“Crux”), today announced its 100th supplier signed up to leverage its ready-made data delivery infrastructure and services. The milestone was reached after 37 new suppliers signed up in 2020, a 58 percent increase from the prior year, as demand spiked for Crux’s services. Crux’s platform is designed to streamline the building of data pipelines, the ongoing validation of data quality and management of the operations between suppliers and consumers.

The latest momentum is in response to a heightened need across the industry for cloud-migration, and a streamlined data ingestion process. Among those suppliers who are working with Crux, 65 percent are financial/market data providers and 35 percent are alternative data providers. 

“We’ve reached a tipping point in which financial data suppliers and consumers now, more than ever, need a reliable way to deliver data free from error, quickly, and at scale,” said Philip Brittan, CEO of Crux Informatics. “Financial institutions of all sizes are leveraging more data and using cloud-based technology to help manage it. We see great advantages to using our offering for companies looking to simplify their data infrastructure to refocus internal resources on more differentiating activities.”

Other milestones this year include:

  • Delivering and validating more than 10,000 datasets on an ongoing basis, representing ~525 million files under management, a 214 percent increase from the end of 2019;
  • Signed deals with global asset managers, bulge bracket broker dealers, market data exchanges, data marketplaces, and analytics platforms as new client categories;
  • Expanded Crux Deliver product offering to data suppliers, improving their delivery capabilities at a fraction of their internal costs.

2020 also marks the official launch of Crux Discover, a powerful and flexible metadata browser that enables users to quickly navigate and explore datasets that suppliers are delivering via Crux. Crux Discover makes finding relevant data easier than ever by allowing users to browse across multiple suppliers and providing a rich library of datasets, metadata and sample datasets to trial. Users can connect quickly with suppliers for dataset licensing/entitlements and then access the data quickly and flexibly via API, Python, SQL statements and/or multiple cloud warehouse requests.

Supplier Partners React to Crux’s Growth

MSCI (Market data provider):
“MSCI’s mission is to provide global investors with the data, tools and solutions they need to solve critical investment problems, including greater data integration capabilities,” said Jorge Mina, head of analytics at MSCI. “Our agreement with Crux is further proof of MSCI’s commitment to enhance the delivery of our models and make them available through our clients’ preferred delivery mechanism to meet their expanding needs for scalability and efficiency.”

Accern (AI platform and data provider):
“As both a supplier and consumer of data, partnering with Crux enables Accern to increase our target audience reach and easily ingest new data on our own no-code AI platform,” said Riyaz Nakhooda, vice president of strategic partnerships at Accern.

RepRisk (ESG data provider): 
“We are excited to have an innovative partnership with Crux as one of the first ESG providers on the platform,” said Alexandra Mihailescu Cichon, executive vice president, sales and marketing at RepRisk. “Investors and other financial industry professionals need reliable information on a company’s ESG and business conduct risks to make more informed investment decisions. In a data-driven world, this partnership enables us to seamlessly deliver RepRisk’s ESG data – the largest dataset of ESG risks with a time series from 2007 – via external API and meet the need of our clients to be able to focus on data rather than onboarding and operating efforts.”

Danel Capital (Alternative data provider): 
“We are delighted to offer our AI-powered predictive dataset to asset managers through Crux, which rates the probability of S&P 500 stocks outperforming the market over a 90 day period. This includes the Smart Score, a global score that takes into account all types of available market data for a specific stock, as well as separate sub-scores by indicator type: Fundamental, Technical and Sentiment, to adapt to different asset management styles,” said Tomás Diago, CEO of Danel Capital. “Our partnership with Crux enables us to offer our dataset on an easy-to-use platform, with the highest levels of service and security.”

“Financial companies see more value in our data delivery capabilities and we’re only scratching the surface of what’s possible,” added Brittan. “Our growth coupled with a clear industry need only makes more plain the simple truth that cloud-based technology is opening up tremendous opportunities for companies who are seeking competitive advantage. We are at the cusp of an exciting wave of investment of resources into new cloud technology.”

Since its founding in 2017, Crux has received $41 million of funding and has 65 employees. The company works with an array of financial companies from consumers, such as hedge funds like Two Sigma, and suppliers like Euronext, MSCI, and SIX. For more information about Crux, please visit: cruxinformatics.com.

About Crux Informatics
Crux helps companies reliably get the data they need, how they need it and where they need it. Our data delivery and operations platform and managed service ensures that data flows seamlessly between data suppliers and data consumers. By working directly with suppliers and serving many consumers, Crux unlocks economies of scale that benefit the entire industry. We deliver data at a lower cost, via flexible delivery methods, and at a consistently high-level of service and security. Learn more at cruxinformatics.com.

Visit www.cruxinformatics.com
Contact data@cruxinformatics.com

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