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Dataset & Product Features Newsletter | July 14, 2020

New Datasets and Product Features

July 14, 2020

  • • We are currently delivering and operating 5,000+ datasets from over 90 suppliers and public data sources.
  • Crux Discover 2.0 has now launched! See 2-minute video demo below.
  • • In the past 60 days, we’ve on-boarded over 700 datasets. A selection of newly on-boarded datasets can be found below.
  • • We continue to welcome new data suppliers to our platform. A selection of 3 of the newest data suppliers are listed below.

New Data Suppliers

The Danel AI Score S&P 500 dataset includes predictive scores for all the stocks in the S&P 500 index, rating their probability of outperforming the market in 90 days. Danel Capital uses proprietary Machine Learning algorithms to analyze more than 900 Fundamental, Technical and Sentiment data points per day per company, that are transformed into more than 10,000 indicators/day per company. 
Huq Industries geo-location data delivered by Crux Informatics! Huq provides high-frequency market research data derived from its global mobile panel. Its network of opted-in and anonymized mobile panelists produces 0.5Bn spatial and place interaction events daily in 247 territories worldwide. From measures of mobility to store-level footfall, industrial activity to urban transport flows, Huq’s geo-data has been used by investors, real-estate, retail and media owners since 2014.
MayStreet provides equities, options and futures market data globally, with full depth-of-book for each of the 175+ exchanges/ATSes they support. MayStreet enhances market data by collecting from a variety of raw data sources and delivers in a consolidated format. 

New Datasets Available

New datasets added and now available:

  • • Brain Machine Learning Stock Ranking
  • • Brain Sentiment Indicator
  • • Brain Language Metrics on Company Filings
New datasets added and now available:
  • • ECN Top of Book - Historical (London, New York, Tokyo)
  • • ECN Top of Book - EOD (London, New York, Tokyo)
New datasets added and now available:
  • • Financial Entities Data
  • • Events & Transcripts
  • • Fundamentals Data
  • • Ownership Data
  • • Mergers

Product Features & Updates

Crux Discover 2.0 is live!

Crux continues to develop our powerful web based platform for users to find data products available and access curated metadata, descriptions, classifications, and more.

Watch the video demo on the left and contact data@cruxinformatics.com to learn more.


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