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September Community Newsletter: Crux in the News, Our Blueprint, and Learnings from Our Team!


Our Partnership with Two Sigma: In the News

News of our partnership with one of the world’s leading hedge funds, Two Sigma, is traveling fast. Data shows that over ~2.4 million people saw our announcement on social media alone! News media, including Bloomberg, HFMTechnology, The Trade, FinSMEs, Venture Canvas, The Virginian Pilot, and more, are buzzing about this collaboration on creating the data ingestion solution for the financial industry. These two articles dive into what we’re doing, and why it’s vital for leading funds: 

Hedge funds gain value by analyzing data, not wrangling it, says FundFire.  With Crux extracting and validating data, funds are free to focus on what they do best: rigorous data analysis. “We believe the value is in what we do with the data–how we interpret the data to better model the world and understand financial markets,” explains Ali-Milan Nekmouche, Two Sigma’s Chief Data Strategist.

Waters Technology writes that a data engineering solution offers advantages by helping funds integrate more data more efficiently. Crux can help funds like Two Sigma “expand the data they use in the research process, and accelerate the pace of their research,” says our CEO Philip Brittan. Today “value is moving up the stack, and the differentiation is what you can do with the data,” he explains.

The Crux Blueprint

We’re building an industry-wide solution to deliver clean, structured data to every business. When firms can quickly and easily access the data they need, they can accelerate the pace at which they deliver value. Here’s how we’re creating an industry-wide data-ingestion utility.

Crux is a Conveyor Belt of Goodness that delivers the data you need, how you need it, when you need it. Our entire business is laser focused on making data delightful for you. What that means, on a day-to-day level, is that we build and operate data pipelines that extract, validate, load, standardize, and transform data for each one of our clients. We handle these tasks on behalf of financial institutions of every shape and size, creating an economy of scale that makes it faster and cheaper for our clients to find and use data.

This new business model will transform how the industry ingests data, so we believe it is vital for us to be a Learning Organization, a team who seeks to learn everything we can and become the world’s experts in what we do. We also admit we don’t know everything yet. Humility is one of our core values. It is essential that we learn from our clients’ expertise as we expand the service. We are grateful for the support of all of our clients, including our strategic investors, who believe we can help the industry evolve.

New Datasets on the Crux Network

We’re quickly expanding the Crux Network with some amazing data partnerships. Whether you’re seeking fundamentals or alternative data, we can deliver the data from leading suppliers. Here are five data suppliers we’ve recently welcomed to Crux:

  1. FactSet – award-winning financial data
  2. eMBS – Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae, Small Business Association, and Canadian (CMHC) securities data
  3. MSCI – data from their suite of equity risk models
  4. Exchange Data International (EDI) – complete securities reference and corporate actions datasets
  5. Safegraph – geolocation data on human movement, physical places, and visits to places

If you’re a data supplier looking to reach more clients and accelerate your distribution with zero roadblocks, we invite you to join our Network. Connect with our Supplier Team at Supplier@CruxInformatics.com.

Learnings from the Crux Team

Our team brings deep experience in finance, data engineering, and data operations. Read the new Spotlight series on our blog to learn how to advance your career in the rapidly growing field where data meets business:

Are you intellectually curious and excited to build the data solution of the future? Do you love solving complex problems and helping clients overcome data challenges? If so, let’s talk. The Crux team is growing, and we’re seeking talented individuals who know data can be delightful. Check out our job openings here.

Meet Us at These Upcoming Events

Insights from Industry Events

Plug and Play Enterprise 2.0: August 28, Plug and Play Tech Center, Sunnyvale

Key Insight: Digitization affects business workflows, changing the nature and organization of tasks. To incorporate machine learning and AI technologies into business processes, firms need the right data, in the right place, at the right time.

AIR Summit 4.0: September 5,
One Madison Ave, New York

Key Insight: This conference was filled with buy-side, long-only asset managers implementing big data, alternative data, AI, machine learning, and cloud technologies. A cloud-based data layer can help investment firms efficiently feed data to machine learning algorithms and AI.

Plug and Play InsurTech Summit: September 5, Deutsche Bank, New York

Key Insight: Transformation is coming to the insurance industry as leading firms integrate more data into decision making. Now insurers are searching for methods to find, use, and manage data more efficiently.

Bloomberg Enterprise Tech and Data Summit: September 12, Bloomberg HQ, New York

Key Insight: Today financial firms need to address challenges that traditional approaches simply cannot solve. Perfecting the data supply chain is the path to becoming a connected enterprise.

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