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Introducing the Crux External Data Platform

Crux External Data Platform (EDP) is the first SaaS offering to enable enterprises to automate the onboarding of any external dataset directly from vendors into your analytics environment - driving better, faster decisions. EDP empowers data teams with an insatiable appetite for external data to onboard and transform external data for analytics use up to ten times faster than traditional manual methods. 



Built for External Data

An automated hub for your external data

Use Crux EDP to make managing external data sources easy, automatic, and scalable.
  • Connect to your licensed or public external data sources via FTP, SFTP, GCS, or S3.
  • Decide when data is delivered according to  your schedule
  • Deliver to BigQuery, Snowflake, GCS, S3, FTP, and SFTP

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Automate onboarding of external data.

A faster way to data operations maturity

Skip data org growing pains with data that is normalized automatically
  • Automatically profile data to detect delivery patterns
  • Manage changes and map multiple schemas
  • Backfill data from any date range available from your data supplier
  • Receive data delimited  in the format you prefer

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Speed up data maturity.

A source of truth and data reliability

Access governance and observability tools to help you monitor, detect and analyze data issues
  • Monitor the status of all active data pipelines via data health dashboards
  • Receive alerts and triage info for data quality and availability issues
  • Role-based access controls available to fit your team's needs

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Data source of truth.

Our data supplier network is always growing.

Crux's data ingestion technology powers thousands of new pipelines at scale every week

Create new data pipelines in a fraction of the time with Crux EDP.

Automate onboarding with your external data suppliers

Create new pipelines in a fraction of the time using an intuitive onboarding wizard powered by thousands of pre-built integrations. And simplify integrations by removing the complexity and security costs of managing connections to hundreds of third party systems.

Crux eliminates complexity in your data operations.

Get your data delivered reliably how and where you need it

Crux's secure SaaS infrastructure eliminates the complexity of operating and maintaining data pipeline architecture. Data is delivered reliably according to your schedule and with real-time notifications and dashboards to monitor data issues.

“We consume a large number of datasets from a wide range of sources through Crux, which dramatically simplifies our ingestion and operational burden, allowing us to focus our team on higher-value and more differentiated activities. Crux’s customer focus, service level, data inventory, and acceleration we see in dataset onboarding are unmatched.”
Jeff Wecker
CTO, Two Sigma
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See the External Data Platform in Action

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