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Our experts, working globally across 45 specialized areas, know the pitfalls and opportunities involved in harvesting, cleansing, enriching, and connecting data from various sources. UBS Evidence Lab’s insight-ready datasets are based on thoroughly vetted data to bring you useful and actionable evidence. Below is an abridged list of just some of the specialized areas used to create our insight-ready datasets:

  • Game Theory Analytics
  • Statistical Analysis & Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Analytics
  • Advanced Survey Analytics
  • Competition & Market Quality
  • Network Analysis
  • Remote Sensing
  • Geovisualization
  • Spatial Statistics
  • Micro-to-Macro Nowcasting
  • Climatology
  • Patent Analysis
  • UBS Market Thinking Game
  • Category Replenishment
  • Financial Rate Monitors
  • Social Media Analytics
  • App Analytics
  • Teardown Analysis
  • Employee Sentiment


main data source


Year Company Founded


Discretionary Asset Manager Customers

company headquarters located

full ticker coverage

1000s of companies of all sizes

full sector coverage

50+ industries

client focus

Hedge Fund

Providers by ESG


data delivery

Platform Based

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$1K - $10K / mo

pricing structure

Pricing is a fixed number for an enterprise, based on its size

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Geography covered

US, Europe, Asia, Latin America

why us?

We apply the right tools to help our clients answer pivotal questions.


Our experts help surface evidence that relates to structural debates. Downloadable datasets allow you to explore interactive models and investigate cleansed, enriched data.

use cases

The following examples demonstrate just a few of the hundreds of possible uses: (1) Healthcare: Analyze hospital admissions to gauge birth rates and Medicaid/Medicare payers by state, (2) Luxury Goods: See which companies are trending across geographies, (3) Mergers & Acquisitions: Measure the addressable market within a designated trade area without duplications, (4) Retail: Measure location accuracy, ownership and cannibalization, and (5) Housing: Determine consumer sentiment through analysis of housing listings